Hello Adam, I receive low level benefits from the DLA of £175.00 peer month for my visual impairment. It was scary enough waking up one morning and unable to see anything! What if this suddenly happened to you? A life changing experience resulting in a step down from running my own business. Unable to work, and being treated as "different" is a struggle as my income was reduced from a CIM(Chartered Institute of Marketing) MCIM diploma and highly qualified academic rated at
£250, 000 per year to £6,000 per annum. Yes, I am proud of our Country and the humanitarian qualities which are etched into our culture. I am also proud of our NHS. Where else in the World is there such a great example of State enterprise? It is imperative for Brits to keep the major services in place. Please encourage these services to the disabled and the elderly to remain protected.

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Kind regards, julie