I pay my taxes so that if some one as a disability they can get the help they need. to cut peoples money who need it is wrong if the government stop sending our money out of the country and helped the people here my ex girlfriend has gout and can not work she has two children if you cut her money she will suffer hardship this is not fair, why is the government not cutting the money of people who can work but have never worked .. not because they can't get a job but because they are given to much money to start with .. women who have kids so they do not have to work we all know them just go up a night club on the week end and there they are drinking and smoking our benefit money away they are the same women you see down the food bank say they have no money all with there up to date mob phones cut there money not the disables money this all makes me so angery and every one i talk to who works and pays taxes sort it out listen to the people who are paying